Raising Resilient Sons

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Raising Resilient Sons

Written By: Colleen Kessler
Narrated By: Jennifer Jill Araya
Genre(s): Non-Fiction and Parenting
Release Date: 2020-12-08

You’re a caring mother of boys, part of the “boy mom” phenomenon—now learn how to raise your son to be compassionate, empathetic, and emotionally intelligent with this parenting guide made just for you.

Raising a boy, also known as being a “boy mom,” is tough in today’s culture. We want our sons to grow into strong men who will stand up for what’s right and take care of those they love, but we also want them to share their thoughts, show their feelings, and express emotions in appropriate ways. At its core, we need to teach our boys empathy. That’s where emotional intelligence comes in. Boys need to understand what they’re feeling in any given situation and be able to regulate themselves accordingly.

In this first-ever book combining emotional intelligence with parenting specific to boys, boy moms will learn how to help their sons:

– identify and name their emotions
– develop empathetic listening skills
– nurture positive and lasting relationships with others
– tackle life with a growth mindset
– use strategies like mindfulness to regulate their emotions

With Raising Resilient Sons, parents will be equipped with the tools they need to build up their sons into the men they know they can be—men who look for the good, spread kindness, react with empathy, and lead with strength and resilience.

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