Who we are, what we do, and why we do it.

At Novel Audio, we’ve been involved in (and obsessed with) the audiobook industry for over a decade. We found our sea legs working in audiobook retail, tech, and indie publishing, and we’ve used that industry insight and passion for the format to publish captivating audiobooks since 2012.

Our trophy cabinet includes a National Book Award winner, a 2016 Audie winner & 2017 nominee, an Audiofile Magazine Earphones Award winner, and a SOVAS winner. We’ve got New York Times bestsellers, celebrity narrations, and political statements galore. We focus on adult fiction and non-fiction from both frontlist and backlist with a specialization in all things nerdy. Statement-making, heartbreaking, educating–we’ve got it all.


Here’s what makes us great:
  • We work intimately with our rights holders to get the right voice to tell their story.
  • We work with traditional publishers big and small, but also love exploring the new world of self-published work.
  • We love the challenge of adapting complex projects into audio masterpieces.
  • We choose books that we think have real value and mean something to our team and company.
  • We’re not afraid to get a little political.

Our Distribution Network

We’ve got one of the widest distribution networks in the industry and are aggressively pursuing new partners in growing international markets like Scandinavia, India and Spain. You can find our titles on over 30 platforms, retailers and distributors worldwide.