New release this week: The Hot One by Carolyn Murnick, narrated by Hillary Huber!

If you liked The Fact of a Body or The Grim Sleeper, you have to check out Carolyn Murnick’s The Hot One, available 08/01. Hillary Huber’s fantastic narration really brings this blend of true crime and memoir to life. You will not be able turn this off!

From the description:

“A gripping memoir of friendship with a tragic twist—two childhood best friends diverge as young adults, one woman is brutally murdered and the other is determined to uncover the truth about her wild and seductive friend.”

Get it 08/01 from Audible,,, and everywhere great audiobooks are sold (or borrowed!)

2016 Audie Award - History: A Man on the Moon Banner
A Man on the Moon: The Voyages of the Apollo Astronauts
A 23-hour journey to the moon and back needs a narrator who is easy on the ears, and Bronson Pinchot’s voice has a wonderful timbre. Andrew Chaikin’s chronicle of the Apollo missions, first published in 1994, is primarily a human story based on in-depth interviews with 23 of the astronauts who went to the moon. Pinchot’s narration is a good match with the warmth of Chaikin’s prose, though his cadences at the ends of paragraphs often seem awkward. He also has a tendency to use melodramatic emphasis whenever he reads a large number. Nonetheless, this audio version deserves to attract a younger generation to the definitive account of one of the greatest technological achievements of all time.
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